Clients (selection)



“It was exactly this wake-up call from you that we needed for our teams! Thank you, Mr. Sridhar!”

H.-J. Weidtmann (Managing Director) – Commerzbank AG

“You have perfectly covered those topics, which were burning under our noses, and created a whole new momentum.”

Saxo Bank – Stan Mainz Rode (Head of HR)

Industry & Automotive


“Kishor Sridhar has shown us how to achieve more. We got a completely new perspective!”

John Deere

“A completely new perspective on our customers, with very good implementation strategies.”

Eugen Schuch (Head of Sales & Contract Management) – Daimler AG

Organizers and fairs


Presenting own ideas and current results in an exciting way. A highlight! I can not wish for more as an organizer!”

Elke Schneider – Euroforum SE

“You delivered the right approaches in an entertaining manner.”

Alexander Fritz (Head of Public Exhibitions) – Messe Offenburg Ortenau GmbH



“Kishor Sridhar’s analyzes are clear and precise. We like working with you.”

Ingo Mannteufel (Head of Editing Eastern Europe) – Deutsche Welle

“Managers would do well to follow Kishor Sridhar’s recommendations.”

Harvard Business Manager

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