Successfully leading change projects

Successfully implementing change

In times of constant change, the ability to change is the new relevant corporate strength. However, many great ideas fail because of the hurdles of everyday life. The reasons range from the lack of acceptance of employees to structural obstacles to inadequate resources or simply to a lack of sustainability.

At Sridhar & Partner, we accelerate the implementation of the change process at all stages, from conception, through communication, to overcoming barriers in everyday life.

We combine insights from emotional economics and behavioral psychology with practical business solutions. Smart, effective and targeted to your business success

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Every idea is only as good as the consequence of its implementation.

Our Services:

  • Conception and planning of the entire change process
  • Reduction of acceptance barriers among employees
  • Complete change communication from kick-off to completion
  • Coaching of executives throughout the change process

Your advantages:

  • Significant acceleration of the change process
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Strengthening the competitive advantage

Average success rate of our customer projects:


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EXAMPLES of our work (CASES):

Integration of a purchased company with a German medium-sized enterprise Situation:

A German, medium-sized mechanical engineering company with 180 employees had aqkuired an other company with 28 employees to supplement the service portfolio. The work processes had to be merged accordingly and the new team to be included.


  1. A process analysis was carried out for synergies and redundancies to determine
  2. In-depth interviews identified concerns and hidden barriers among employees
  3. Joint solutions were developed in several workshops
  4. An action plan based on this has been implemented
  5. Interim meetings and personal coaching ensured the timely achievement of all milestones


  • The set implementation deadline was kept
  • Integration of all employees – no loss of staff
  • Cost reduction of 13 percent, according to the company’s own information
Change project in a Bank

A German bank wanted to better target its business customer area and optimize the collaboration between departments through restructuring.


  1. We carried out in-depth interviews with all relevant key players and thus identified barriers
  2. Based on ours, we created the entire communication plan and implemented it with the bank.
  3. In targeted workshops, we enabled the teams to independently implement the new ways of working.
  4. Managers were deliberately coached in personal discussions.


After nine months, the main phase of the change process was successfully completed. An internal review compared to the previous project leads to the following findings:

  1. For the first time, exact adherence to the timetable
  2. Significantly low acceptance problems
  3. Seven new process ideas generated from the workshops

In addition, a company-specific blueprint was created for future change projects, so that the company is also prepared for future challenges.

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