Targeted digitization with system

Digitization is more than just the introduction of new software. It is the holistic, goal-oriented optimization of all company processes with the involvement of IT solutions.

We at Sridhar & Partner support companies from process inventory and needs analysis to conception, action planning, and implementation support.

Thus, we create clear solutions for you and ensure rapid implementation with a maximum return on investment.

Because our goal is to successfully lead your company into the future.

Digitization is not just the introduction of software – It’s the optimization of all process steps to increase efficiency and productivity

Our Services:

  • Inventory of all processes and already existing digitization measures
  • Targeted analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a holistic, targeted digitization concept
  • Accompaniment in the implementation and implementation

Your advantages:

  • Clear, targeted measures
  • Increase the acceptance of employees
  • Faster implementation
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Measurable increase in sales

Average success rate of our customer projects:

Days to successful implementation


Cost savings


Lower failure rate


Digitization of a German medium-sized enterprise

A German mechanical engineering company with three subsidaries and 400 employees, 12 of them in the field, worked with customary software solutions such as CRM, logistics, etc. In the daily work, a lot of information was lost or was not optimally accessible. As a result, efficiency and quality suffered. Now, as part of a „digitization offensive“ new software was to be introduced.


  1. We analyzed all process steps from the initial customer approach to quoting, order processing to delivery and processing.
  2. Next, we examined all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle in terms of expectations and experience
  3. We also held intensive discussions and workshops with employees from all departments


After three months, we were not only able to provide extensive recommendations for optimizing the processes, but also an integrated digitization concept that was successfully implemented within 6 months. This now allows:

  1. Track and influence the entire process from initial contact to delivery in a transparent manner by all relevant parties.
  2. Collect and process customer complaints in real time.
  3. Predict delays and proactively eliminate them.
  4. Track overall work progress per project and employee from anywhere in the world

The error rate was thus drastically reduced and project efficiency increased. Thus, in the medium term, price advantages could be passed on to the customer, which in turn increased competitiveness.

Digitization of an international company

A German service company with 14 foreign locations and 380 employees strives to better connect the foreign branches to the parent company. Specifically, this meant digitizing the entire workflow and introducing cloud solutions.


  1. We carried out a digitization inventory and recorded steps already taken
  2. Subsequently, we determined the concrete requirements of employees, international necessities, and process steps
  3. In addition, through workshops and individual interviews, we identified internal barriers of subsidiaries and their employees against greater transparency


After two and a half months, we presented a complete action plan, including a timetable. We also created a communication concept for all implementation steps, as well as solutions to minimize application barriers. Our customer could achieve the following advantages:

  1. Through a central cloud and CRM solution, all employees had access to all relevant information
  2. International customers could be served equally well across national borders.
  3. Quotations and customer inquiries could now be answered on average within 5 days, within 4 hours.

The company was thus able to increase its international customer base and service-oriented and save costs in the amount of € 900,000 in the first year (according to the company’s own information).

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