Gender Diversity Management

OVERCOME HURDLES and achieve more

Equal cooperation between women and men is not just a fashion topic: our studies have shown that companies which actively engage in gender diversity management dramatically increase productivity and the ability to change, and that turnover rates decline significantly.

Challenges in Diversity Management

Diversity management cannot be enabled by alibi measures. The causes of inequalities often lie in the pitfalls of everyday life. Often they do not even go along with an obvious discrimination, but rather subliminally exist

Areas of hidden opportunity inequality of men and women:

Such hidden areas, which are often not noticed in everyday life but have engraving effects, can be:

  • Tonality of everyday communication
  • Meetings, workshops, and brainstorming
  • Presentations and minutes
  • Team compositions and promotions
Gender Diversity Management Beratung Workshop

Average positive impact of Gender Diversity Management


Successful Implementation of Change-Projects


Lower fluctuation


Higher productivity

A small self-check for your company

Does your company need active gender diversity management? You can test this yourself with the following questions:

    1. Are employees with more feminine conversational patterns (regardless of whether they are female or male) less likely to be heard?
    2. Would you say that in meetings women and men speak out equally?
    3. When women speak in meetings, are these usually those with masculine communication structures and behaviors?
    4. Are there hierarchical behaviors even where corporate structures do not require it?
    5. Do you have an open culture of criticism and recognition?
    6. Do your employees know how to behave when one colleague jokes at the expense of the opposite sex?
    7. Occasionally, are work assignments unconsciously categorized according to gender stereotypes (e.g., customer care, protocol, PC repair)?
Our Gender Diversity Management ensures true cultural change in your company and makes your company specifically sustainable.

Our approach

  1. Kick-off-meeting and workshop with management and selected executives
  2. Communication in coordination with the management to all employees
  3. An online program with embedded short learning sessions of 3 minutes per week over a period of 8 weeks
  4. Feedback and consultation about changes
  5. Permanent implementation of the online program (mandatory for all new employees and refresher once a year)
Gender Diversity Management Beratung Workshop

Our services:

  • Analysis of your current company situation
  • Sensitization and implementation workshops
  • Creation and execution of the complete communication
  • Online training of all employees according to our system
  • On request also individual coaching

Your benefit:

  • Strengthening the team
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduction of employee turnover
  • Strengthening the resilience
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity

„Kishor Sridhar cleans up the outdated Adam-Eve thinking. Up to date in our time!“

Jutta Kleinschmidt – only female winner of the Paris-Dakar Rally

Dr. Tatiana Voylokova – Head of Consulting & Research

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