University Cooperations

As he is passionate about promoting young talents and communicating knowledge outside the box, Kishor Sridhar teaches at two universities in Germany. He also oversees up to 18 research papers and master theses in the field of emotional factors in corporate processes each year. As a result, new insights are gained each year to link human aspects in a constantly changing economic environment. This not only benefits the academic teaching but also constantly provides new impulses for businesses.

University of Wismar (Wings)

At the Higher School of Wismar for Applied Sciences, Kishor Sridhar teaches and is responsible for the departments of market research and after-sales management. His work focuses on B2B business and sales processes. He deals with topics from the areas of organizational change, solution-selling and the digitization of processes, among others

List of supervised research papers and master theses.

International School of Management Munich

At the International School of Management Munich, Kishor Sridhar teaches Leadership & Motivation and Consulting Instruments. His focus here is on promoting young talents. Kishor Sridhar is convinced that although much-specialized knowledge is taught at universities, it often fails to communicate the knowledge that is crucial in the profession, such as leadership, the practical implications of change, and soft skills. To promote these strengths is his concern in collaboration with the students

Dr. Tatiana Voylokova – Head of Consulting & Research

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