Change & Digital Transformation

Change & Digital Transformation 2

Employees and managers today face revolutionary and fast-paced changes. Companies need to develop new strengths to actively shape change and successfully enable digital transformation through:

  • Implementation of a change culture
  • Removal of hidden barriers and activation of relevant strengths
  • Breaking up old structures
  • Efficient and targeted digitization

In his entertaining and inspiring lectures, bestselling author Kishor Sridhar breaks new ground on how to harness the power of human nature to shape the future. He shows clever approaches to thinking beyond the onset of paths and to embrace change and the digital transformation as a unique opportunity.

Speeches on Change & Digitalisation (Selection):

Digitization: Never were human skills as important as today

Digitization does not make people redundant – on the contrary, it allows employees to fully develop their strengths. Kishor Sridhar opens in his exciting and inspiring presentation, how the technical side of digitization and the human side of employees merge into a new symbiosis – rousing and practical!


Success is in the implementation – enabling change

Every idea is only as good as its implementation, but that is precisely why implementation often fails in companies. Kishor Sridhar entertainingly exposes key barriers and shows new ways to make projects more efficient and faster. – Exciting food for thought that will advance employees and companies!


Successfully shaping the digital transformation

The digital transformation offers many opportunities, but can also lead to wrong ways. How can pitfalls be identified, which approaches are worthwhile and what is a hype at best? Kishor Sridhar creates a sense of perspective and shows fascinating possibilities with which companies make their digital transformation meaningful and successful


Cross-departmental collaboration as a success factor of the future

Everyone has a common goal, it seems, but there is a lack of cooperation between departments. Instead of bridges, walls and trench fights are created. Kishor Sridhar entertainingly demonstrates how cross-departmental collaboration is possible and synergies are created. Practical and rousing, he opens new ways for effective collaboration in the company to meet the challenges of our new age.


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Change & Digital Transformation 3

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