Leadership & Mindset

Leadership in times of change requires positively influencing employees‘ mindsets and awakening and using their potential. In his exciting speeches, Kishor Sridhar shows how leadership can be more effective today, for example through:

  • New ways of leadership to enable change and digitization
  • Overcome obscurer obstacles and fears
  • Permanently increase employee motivation and implementation capacity

Inspiring and entertaining, bestselling author Kishor Sridhar shows exciting ideas and insights and opens up new perspectives. He not only gives new ideas to executives and employees, but also shows how these can be used immediately to create a culture of change and corporate excellence.

Speeches on Leadership & Mind-Set (selection):

How to Make Others Do What They Want – Inspire Change People

The bestselling speech: Kishor Sridhar captivates with effective methods from behavioral psychology to re-shape positive leadership and inspire even reluctant employees in the most challenging situations. A unique presentation with countless suggestions for everyday business

Successfully lead in the change process

Change is not easy. After much enthusiasm often disillusionment follows. In this inspiring speech, Kishor Sridhar shows methods to counteract the frustration of change. Surprising findings and clear practical tips from behavioral psychology enable executives and employees to implement a lasting culture of change.

Leadership in the digital age

Digitization offers many new opportunities, but at the same time also emotional risks for employees. Entertaining shows Kishor Sridhar, which mistakes one should avoid and how companies from supposedly cold technology create human closeness and inspire employees for new ways – innovative and inspiring.

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