A keynote speaker should inspire and break habitual ways of thinking. All this describes the vivid lectures of Kishor Sridhar. In his unique mixture of practical examples, well-founded knowledge and a pinch of humor, he not only delights his audience but also conveys fascinating new insights that will last for a long time to come

„Speeches should be fun, entertaining, but also convey new insights. How good a speech is, of course, you can see in the faces of the audience. It also shows, however, how stimulated in the aftermath is still discussed and months later the participants can draw inspiration from it. That’s how I measure success. „ – Kishor Sridhar

Keynote Speaker Kishor Sridhar zu Digitalisierung, Change und Führung

The keynote speaker for your business success

Sales & Pricing

Emotional instead of rational. Not only customer requirements are changing dramatically, but also distribution processes. Kishor Sridhar shows innovative methods & new ways of emotional customer acquisition and pricing.

  • Exit from the Price War
  • Emotional Selling & Solution Selling
  • Customer & Decision Typology
  • Sales in the Age of Digitization


Leadership and Mindset

Leadership and the mindset of employees are crucial to successfully lead companies into the future. Kishor Sridhar presents new approaches to leadership, achieving goals and creating a culture of change and innovation – especially in the age of digital challenge.

  • Master new leadership requirements
  • Overcoming hidden change hurdles
  • Behavioral psychology in everyday life
  • Living in a culture of change and innovation


Change and digital transformation

Implementation is the fundament of success. Kishor Sridhar shows how barriers are overcome in change projects, how new ideas are successfully implemented, and how the digital transformation can be meaningfully and successfully put into action.

  • Create change culture in companies
  • Overcome barriers to change
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Redesign processes innovatively


Individually adapted for your company

Speeches will be individually adapted to the occasion. In an in-depth preliminary discussion, company situations are taken into account and specifically addressed those topics that move you for keynotes with maximum, personal added value.

Brigitte Siegert – Speaker-Management

For booking inquiries, please contact the speaker management, Brigitte Siegert.


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