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Sales is more than just selling. It is the understanding of open and hidden needs and the building of relationships. Today we face new challenges and opportunities in sales, such as:

  • New competitors from different directions
  • New findings of behavioral psychology
  • Hybrid sales channels from classic sales and digital solutions
  • changing price sensitivities and decision-making processes

In his exciting speeches, bestselling author Kishor Sridhar shows covert customer needs and how they can be addressed. He opens up new avenues in sales, in order to successfully meet the new challenges with innovative methods.

Speeches on Sales & Pricing (Selection):

Sales with all your senses – Increase sales success with decision-making psychology

How do customers really tick? Kishor Sridhar shows entertaining the hidden decision-making psychology of customers. He exposes covert motives and shows new ways through the psychology of emotionally selling customers.


Solution Selling – We offer customers more than ‚just‘ a product or service

Especially technical companies focus too much on products and services and too little on actual solutions. Kishor Sridhar excites with a new customer-centric view: what are the pain points and cravings of the customers and how can they be addressed in such a way that one positions oneself as a real solution provider.


Digitization in sales: new opportunity

Digitization is not a competition for traditional sales. Kishor Sridhar shows in this inspiring speech how companies can use innovative approaches and digital solutions to better address human decision-making processes and inspire customers. This opens up completely new possibilities.


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